Tax Legal Opinion

Tax legal opinion services cover providing advice or recommendations for the next steps to be taken, derived from analysis of policies and laws. This service is conducted to provide clients with legal clarity regarding tax actions to be taken.

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Consultant and Tax Legal Representative

Resolving tax due diligence issues, conducting tax diagnosis reviews, intensive tax due diligence, tax opinions and planning, and providing tax guidance. Also providing support in tax administration audits, consulting services, and legal representation for your company in handling tax assessment objections, tax disputes at the Tax Court and the Supreme Court.

Transfer Pricing

The preparation of Transfer Pricing documents for companies affiliated within a business group that comply with the provisions according to Regulation PMK 213/2016.

Business Consultant and Feasibility Study

Providing business consulting services, developing long-term company plans, and offering business feasibility study services.

Customs and Excise Services

Reviewing import/export cost due diligence on company transactions, organizing tax and customs documents, recommending and utilizing tax and customs facility schemes in Indonesia, and partnering with hundreds of logistics companies to assist with your import/export transactions and documentation.

Integrated Digital Service Platform: Tax and Business Solution Center ​

Tax learning services, legal database, case management, accounting information system, and integrated mailing services that are continuously developed for the future.


Tax Law Analyst


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