TAXSAM.CO your better, faster, and smarter tax consultant

TAXSAM.CO or PT Solusi Allindo Mandiri was established in 2015 as a tax attorney and consultant by S.R Soejono (Director and Tax Expert).

TAXSAM.CO has a broad scope in tax and business matters. With a team of professional and experienced experts focusing on law, business management, and finance, along with a strong and extensive network, we provide the best, fastest, and most intelligent services to assist clients’ businesses.

S.R Soejono has over 30 years of experience in tax matters. Taxsam.co is committed to providing a better, faster, and smarter services in planning and resolving issues/disputes with tax authorities within the applicable tax legislation in Indonesia as well as for international business purposes.

To meet the challenges of the global business environment, TAXSAM.CO focuses on providing tax legal compliance, strategies, and business management services related to tax laws and regulations. Taxsam.co is here to assist in tax administration matters, legal efforts in court, and all tax-related issues, so that every client (corporate or individual) can focus on growing their business.

Our Achievement

± IDR 22T

Total Cases

± IDR 17T

Total Cases Won

± 623

Total Cases Handled

± 324

Total Legal Opinions

± 412

Total Tax FGDs


Taxsam.co Trusted Partner of Major Corporations in Indonesia


What Our Clients Say

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Our Vision

Taxsam.co is trusted in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the business community in meeting legal compliance and tax regulations, thereby transforming that community into reliable and smart companies and business units adept in business growth and managing all tax-related matters

Our Mission​

  • Encouraging companies to join as business partners of multinational corporations.
  • Increasing awareness of laws and tax compliance as the operational foundation of the company.
  • Resolving tax disputes precisely, effectively, efficiently at the lowest level (administrative/media level with Indonesian tax authorities or at the Tax Court level).
  • Building relationships, developing networks, and maintaining good relations with all stakeholders (government institutions, professionals, authorities, and other private parties) in an effort to expand options, opinions, and open discussions in handling tax issues.
  • Developing and promoting the implementation of business strategies and services to continuously enhance the value provided by Taxsam.co.



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